Antivirus software refers to a group of programs that are designed and meant to detect, isolate, and remove malicious applications. There are two general types of antivirus software: industrial and open source. Most industrial software items are aimed at helping companies fight off web attacks from viruses, worms, Trojan infections, spyware and other malicious applications. The most popular and well known example of this is the Norton Antivirus software program suite.

Open source anti virus software is free of charge and available for download via the internet. This type of anti-virus software could possibly be freely downloaded from the Internet and run directly from your computer devoid of installation. Many software programs supply the user an option between a totally free or business version. Business software has been tested and meets the highest standards of specialist developers. Nevertheless , this type of antivirus software can cost a good piece of money.

Computer viruses trigger a large amount of damage to the two personal computers and the owner’s documents. They can trigger system failure, interfere with various other programs, damaged hard drives, and result in loss of data. In addition , they will cause a lot of personal fiscal harm and damage to your particular reputation. To shield yourself from threat of a trojan, it is important that you install a great antivirus software on your computer.