Hatten began sharing white supremacist contenton social media. She self identified on Twitter as alt right and “ethnonationalist” the same term used by white nationalist icon Richard Spencer. She mused on Facebook that immigrant “invaders” are replacing white Europeans in their own countries, and shared a post imploring Trump to grant “asylum” to white South Africans.”She basically pulled a complete 180 from anything we had ever seen,” said Destiny Herndon De La Rosa, founder and president of New Wave Feminists and a former close friend of Hatten.Hatten told HuffPost in an email that she doesn’t consider herself to be a white supremacist or even a racist.”I admit to being racist by today’s standards, but I also think almost everyone is racist by today’s standards,” she wrote.”Is it racist to live in a majority white neighborhood? Send your kids to majority white schools? When I was a kid ‘racism’ meant hatred for another race and/or acting on that hatred.

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