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moncler coats for kids Worth it? Possibly not.What I do not and cannot ever understand however is the purpose of the war in Iraq, the benefits of a war in Iraq, and why there are still ardent supporters of the action which was undertaken there. Whilst we all worry about our finances, in both the US and UK, and the national debt, here are some numbers for your consideration:US Cost of War In Iraq: $727,336,659,883UK Cost of War In Iraq: $140,000,000,000 (approx)Cost Per Capita US: $2369Cost Per Capita UK: $2295National Debt USA: $13060bnNational Debt UK: $916bnI wonder how much impact the Iraq war has had on the state of the US and UK economies?The long term health care costs for wounded Iraq war veterans is estimated at $350bn+.Dick Cheney estimated that the cost of war to the US would be $80bn and then $10bn per year for a period of time afterwards for the recovery of Iraq.The UK had estimated costs of just $7bn for their role, which was initially to be a small one.Whilst our governments and media frantically discuss public service cuts, our friends lose our jobs, our families risk home repossession, why is so little focus placed on the effects of the Iraq war to our economies and spending power?It is clear that the normal working people in both countries have suffered as a direct result of this war, and it will be the taxpayer who continues to pay the interest on these spiralling debts. We will be paying for this war for the rest of our lifetime and probably our childrens lifetime.My question to you, anybody, is whether you think it was worth it moncler coats for kids.